Monday, March 14, 2011

More Daylight, more gardening!

It is fun to still be able to see the sun at 6pm. now that the clocks are pushed forward an hour.  Of course that means we have another hour to spend in the garden.  In the next few weeks the seed sowing and planting revs up, so start turning soil and otherwise prepare your beds for the seeds and plants that will be planted.  There is nothing worse then merrily skipping down the garden path (ok I don't really do that) and finding that you have to turn your soil to expose the cold underparts  to the warm sun or that the soil needs some compost dug in.  Always keep preparation in the plans!  I just realized I was focusing on all sorts of stuff except the fact that one of my beds needs a wooden frame to keep the compost and leaves and composted horse manure from spilling out of the bed.  Other things are coming along fast and furious.  The roses in the rose bed on the side of the house still need pruning (a bit late but not too late).  I haven't sown the larkspur seeds I wanted for in front of the white gate.  The compost pile needs turning, and ...well let's just say there is always a lot to do. 

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