Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just say no to mulch volcanoes.

It is that time of the year.  It is spring, when daffodils, crocus, cherry blossoms and mulch volcanoes sprout up everywhere.  Yes, the insidious mulch piled up high around the helpless tree.  Trees do not like to have mulch touching their bark.  The mulch is dead wood which is decaying so when it touches the tree it starts to decay the tree's bark.  It would be like something decaying always touching your skin. Eew.  Don't do it, don't let others do it, even if they are calling themselves "landscapers".  Don't let it happen.  Keep the mulch at least 2 inches away from the tree. Also, keep mulch to between 2-4 inches thick.  Too thin it doesn't keep down weeds and too thick water doesn't penetrate.  Also, when mulch is too thick it promotes the growth of a charming fungus called "dog vomit" fungus.  It is named this because it looks just like, you guessed it, dog vomit. Not a pleasant look in the garden.

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