Thursday, May 9, 2013

Planted tomatoes

Well, I gave in and planted the tomato plants that I mail ordered.  They sent them almost three weeks ago when it was way to cold to plant.  Still steamed that they did that.  I read Adrian Higgins in today's Washington Post and he said it was just about ok to plant as of last weekend.  Since my plants were looking peaky I decided to go ahead.  I had thought to myself to wait and go to DeBaggios Herb Farm to get tomatoes, but did not.  Of course Higgins suggests that they have the best toms because DeBaggio doesn't sell them until the time is right.  Next year I will listen to myself and Higgins or try from seed again.  Or do both!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Too cold for tomatoes and peppers?

I ordered some tomato plants from a seed company and they sent them to me a week or more ago.  It is still too darn cold to plant them and I really don't have a great place, like a greenhouse to keep them until they are ready to go totally out side on their own.  Darn you nurseries and garden centers.  I know you want to make room for other plants but really, it i still getting down in the 50's at night! Anyone else find this annoying?