Garden Wisdom, Wit and Whimsy

One for the mouse
one for the crow
one to rot and
one to grow.

There are many old sayings that give us good advice, or insight into the germination rates of seeds. In the past gardeners learned from others who worked the land and from their older relatives.  Today we look to the internet and apps to help us understand what is happening in the garden and when and how to plant things. Can planting by the phases of the moon increase yields?  If there is a red sky at night does this mean good weather is coming? Do gnomes in the garden really protect it from, well why do we put gnomes in the garden?

I love gathering old sayings, folk lore and practices handed down from generation to generation of gardeners.  On this page I will share some of these sayings and lore.  And of course whimsy, which every garden needs.  I hope that if you have something to share you will email me at and I can post your contributions here.

"Botany is the school for patience."  Thomas Jefferson

Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes originated in Germany and were brought to England in the mid-nineteenth century. Gnomes are supposed to guard against evil spirits and help in the garden at night.  Obviously I need a few more because the one garden gnome I have seems to sit around reading all of the time instead of working in the garden.  Naturally garden gnomes are a huge controversial subject among gardeners, whimsical art or tacky kitch?  You decide.