Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sorry I haven't posted in soooo long.  Health issues have kept me preoccupied.  However I am still gardening and things are looking better.  The strawberries were awesome this year and it looks like I will have blueberries from the lone blueberry bush in pot!  Snow peas, "Norli" from Park seeds were a hit as seedlings and the peapods are now coming in and they are prolific and tasty.  Can't say enough great things about them.  As for lettuce I have tried Jericho, also from Park seeds, a miniature romaine.  Delish, and survived a large dog (and one small one) running through the patch.  As always, I am impressed with the lettuce seed "Marvel of the Four Season's " (my translation from the French, my French spelling is even worse then my English spelling).  resists bolting and seems to taste good at any size.