Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's suddenly August 19th and I am already planting carrots, mustard and lettuces, plus a few other fall crops.  It feels like the summer is already over and I haven't had a very good crop of tomatoes or any melons yet.  I will have to start everything earlier next year.  Plus I am going back to growing tomatoes from seed. The last two years I have bought plants from "reputable" garden centers.  But the plants do not do well.  My theory is  that I buy the plants in June because that is the best time to plant outside, but these plants were probably ready to be planted in the ground much earlier and they have experienced stresses from being out in all sorts of temperatures, they may have been watered unevenly and I have no idea how many chemicals they have been subjected to.  Another possibility is to purchase from organic sources of plants online.  We shall see in January if I am ready for growing my own seedlings or not. Of course looking at seed catalogs I will no doubt succumb to their seductive descriptions of rare heirlooms and old time favorites.

It is raining now as I write (of course, I watered this morning!).  It feels a bit fall-ish today and I am planning a harvest party.  But that doesn't mean the garden is being neglected, at least in my mind it is being planted with fall crops and the blueberries are about to be put in their new raised bed. Remember, dreaming is a form of planning ahead.