Sunday, April 3, 2011

Urban Gardening

I have noticed that many people out there want to garden but do not have the best possible situation.  They may have a yard with little sunshine, or only sunshine in the front where they cannot grow vegetables due to home association rules.  Many live in apartments or townhouses with small balconies or patios, others live in apartments with just a sunny window.  I will discuss all of these and what and how to garden

In this area we have neighborhoods with larges trees shading out other plants, but often not the front yard.  Alas, many HOAs ban vegetable gardening in the front yard (sometimes in the back too).What to do if you want vegetables and ornamentals?  There is something called edible landscaping.  The first person to really write about this was Rosalind Creasy in her book "Edible Landscaping" . Right here in Virginia there is a nursery that specializes in home grown fruits and vegetables and grows plants that are disease resistant and hardy, it's called Edible Landscaping Online and is in Afton, VA.  But look at any book on vegetables, herbs and or fruit you will see that many edible plants are also quite beautiful.  A bed of colorful Swiss chard edged with some speckled trout lettuce placed in front of small bush peas would be a lovely spring planting.  Pansies, violas, and nasturtiums are all edible flowers.  Herbs make great perennial back drops to seasonal veggies.

Next, gardening on balconies and patios.

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