Friday, August 19, 2011

Garden Update

As you can see from the new photos my winter squash plant tried to kill my housemate Cindy.  We were just able to save her.  Successes: Tomatoes, although I could have done with more Cherokee purple, they are the best tasting heirloom (or any kind) of tomato I have ever had.  But the Mr. Stripies are not ready yet, so we shall see.  The early girls are still producing.  Both the hot and sweet peppers are also doing well.  The pole beans are taking their time, but so far so good.  Okra, tasty and I think there will be a larger harvest after tonight's rain. The kale is just wonderful, still going strong after transplanting.  The red kuri winter squash has 3 fruits, one is already fairly large.  Watermelons have 3 tiny melons and the mystery melon has a few tinies and one larger one.  The lemon cukes are very tasty and I think doing ok.  It looks like I will ahve zucchini even though I thought I had killed the two plants.  Leave it to me to be the only person who cannot grow zucchini.

Sadly, the Japanese long cucumber was a failure.  Some ick got to it and I had to pull them all out so they wouldn't infect the other plants.   I am trying to figure out what it was and how to keep it from happening again.Perhaps the soil was too acidic, there were several mushrooms growing in there, not sure what that means. 

The potatoes in the bags did produce some yummy taters but I am not sure it is worth it since potatoes are not that expensive and I had to buy topsoil to mix with the compost.  But if you want to try it I would definitely use the shopping bags not the plastic bags.  I think I would only use compost and perhaps a little bit of topsoil, I think they needed more nutrients halfway through the growing season so I would give them a feeding of something higher in potassium and phosphorus than nitrogen.. 

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