Thursday, June 9, 2011


It is early June, but the heat has arrived.  I just had my rain barrel system upgraded to two, so of course it hasn't rained since then.  On the other hand this evening I put out a soaker hose in a far away part of the garden that gets neglected and watered it.  It is now raining.  Oh well, that how it goes.  I still think the soaker hose idea is a good one.

I have learned that I need to plant things about two weeks earlier than I have been.  It gets hot faster than it used to or perhaps the advice I read is for another part of the country, but several things were not quite ready when the heat struck.  Lettuce, peas and kale do not go for this kind of heat and dry conditions.  I am assuming the carrots will not be as tasty either but they are not quite ready yet.  I will try all of these again in the fall. 

Now it is time to get the squash, cucumbers and melons ready for the squash bugs to eat! 

Update on the potato bags.  The plants look very tall and vigorous,  but not sure what if anything is going on down in the dirt.  They also have signs of some white stuff, which I think is a bug related thing not fungus. I shall spray them tomorrow.  Going to try neem oil and or insecticidal soap (if it stops raining).


  1. Sadly enough we had one of our potato plants die off in our potato tower. I keep wondering whats happening lower in the dirt!

  2. Did it die of other causes or was it ready to be harvested? I have never grown potatoes before in bags or otherwise, i thought when the plants die down the taters are ready. I had a couple of flowers on mine but that was it. Now there seem to be some yucky looking white stuff on the stems. I think they have a few more weeks to go, should I keep piling up the soil even though I left them to grow up about 2 feet?